Business Your Way

Business Your Way

Hosted by: Sandra Julian

On the Business Your Way podcast, we'll help you organise and streamline your business to scale while providing an exceptional customer experience. Our weekly episodes will provide you with helpful tips and advice...

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Ep4 - Creating Your Ideal Life with the Freedom Metric

Are you one of the many female entrepreneurs who runs a successful business; only it’s also all-absorbing? Worse, it’s not exactly providing you with the lifestyle you once thought would come with being ‘your own...
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Ep 3 - Hiring a Fractional Employee is a Win-Win

Scaling a business is not always as easy as it appears. Kristen Westcott, Bizz strategist & ops expert, knows all about it. Yet, she’s running her business HER way... with success. Lucky for her, she has all the...
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Ep 2 - How to Become a Digital Nomad

Today we talk to Yvette Mayer. 5 years ago, Yvette Mayer, Marketing guru and Business Coach extraordinaire had a premonition. She was on the verge of leaving New York, where she had been working. During a conversation...
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Ep 1 - The 4 Core Elements of a Scalable Business

What if you would never have to feel overwhelmed again by all the 101 things business owners do in a single day? What if there was a secret formula that helps you organise your thoughts and gives you a framework to...
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The Business Your Way Trailer

Welcome to the "Business Your Way" podcast with me (Sandra Julian). There is NO one way to do business - ask me how I know! On this podcast, you will find strategy and systems training to support online service...
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