Ep 20 - Finding Your Niche in Business

Elizabeth A from Studio Classica went from saying ‘YES’ to everything when she first started out to saying ‘NO’ to anything that doesn’t fit within her business niche.

Both had their merits at that particular stage of her business journey.

But as Elizabeth was perfecting her skills, she allowed herself to be guided by her passion for coaching. Her unique niche working her magic on Kajabi with knowledge-based clients all around the world - just followed as a logical result.

For Elizabeth, the process of becoming an expert in her niche has been fascinating (and riddled with hurdles).

But that didn’t stop this young mum. So... how’s your journey coming together? Have you figured out your perfect niche that is also profitable?

If not, just plug in the earphones and listen to this podcast episode where Elizabeth lifts the veil on how she honed in on brand strategy and Kajabi web design as her business niche.

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