Ep 15 - Critical Inner Voice - A Story of Triumph

It’s not something we tend to be very vocal about, but so many of us quietly battle the inner critic in our head.

Holly MacCue was too. To a point where it was creating a roadblock in her career. So she did something about it. She embarked on an inner journey and found her true passion along the way.

Holly bravely shares her journey, and where it led her as she came out the other end.She’s one inspiring lady on more levels than one. So, join us on this podcast where we talk about imposter syndrome, motherhood, the power of authentic sales and the misconception that defining a niche in business boxes you in.

It’ll give you plenty to chew on (in all the right ways)!

So go ahead, plug in those earphones and listen to Holly’s copious morsels of wisdom on the podcast!

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