Boost your Productivity with Full Focus

It’s time to get focused on the steps you need to win at work and succeed at life, in this 90-minute, live productivity training.


To say the last two years have been crazy would be an understatement.

It’s understandable if you are

  • running at a full sprint, but it seems like you never get anywhere. You feel like you’re on the dreaded hamster wheel going nowhere fast.

  • feeling like you’re held hostage by inescapable distractions. There’s always another email to respond to, another task that needs doing.

  • The person who has put their dreams up on the shelf. You know what you want to do, but it seems like an impossible dream - one you don’t even know how to start.

  • tired of the to-dos slipping through the cracks. And you hate living with that perpetual sense that, ‘I might have gotten something’.

  • starting your day stressed and ending your day stressed AND exhausted.

IT’S YOUR TIME TO refocus, get clarity and make progress on the things that matter most to YOU.


In this 90 minute live training session, I’m going to walk you through the key steps to:

Connecting Annual Goals to Daily Actions with the power of 3

Uncover why we often fail to reach our big goals. Learn how to set SMARTER goals and connect them to daily actions with the Full Focus approach.

Gain clarity and do what matters most (the right tasks)

Learn how to do more in less time by creating a productivity vision that forces creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Getting clear about what matters is the key to productivity.

Optimise your days to maximise your energy
Understand how to leverage habits to create self automation. Learn to maximise your energy with daily rituals with an ideal week.

The power of the Full Focus approach provides clarity around what matters to us and how we should spend our time, which allows us to better align who we are with who we want to become.

Live Productivity Training

(16 March 2022, 2pm PDT or 5pm EDT)










(approx US$49 | AU$67 | CA$62)

Registration is limited to 30 people.

Order your Full Focus Planner HERE. (It’s not required for the training, but I highly recommend it)


Imagine that

  • You never dropped a task again because you have a central location for tracking everything—from work projects to personal events.
  • You have actionable goals that you can’t wait to pursue
  • You have clarity that creates a shift from trying to get everything done to getting the right things done
  • You can eliminate distractions and leverage your best energy that sees you get more done in less time
  • Day after day, week after week you’re making measurable progress toward the future you want to create.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the full focus approach changed my life.

Hi, I’m Sandra Julian, Agency Boss and Business Coach. I started my business back in 2001 and for years I worked hard and raised my family, but there was very little time for anything else. And I have to admit (with embarrassment) that at times I prioritised my business over my kids and family!

Despite the fact that the world around me saw me as having the ideal family and a successful business, I myself felt as though I wasn’t doing a very good job at either. For a long time I told myself ‘this is just how it is during this season of life’. Until I woke up to my own story and started to actively seek out ways to change my narrative.

I had tried another planner before I discovered the Full Focus Planner (thanks to Amy Porterfield who talks about it often). It was the planner that changed everything for me - it changed how I lead my business and my team, it changed how I manage my life.

When the opportunity arose to become a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro, I didn’t hesitate. Because I want you to experience the sense of clarity, focus and enjoyment that I do each week.

I invite you to join me for this 90-minute live productivity training and experience the power of the full focus approach for yourself.

Immediate Increase in Productivity

After implementing the system, I immediately experienced increased productivity and peace of mind knowing that tasks were completed or scheduled. I highly recommend the Full Focus Planner.

Marshall B.

Best System I Have Used

I love how integrated this system is. It reminds me to plan not just for work but for my whole life. I love the weekly reviews they really set me up for a successful week.

Melissa B.


Boost your Productivity with Full Focus

You've got questions ... I've got answers

WHEN (date and time)
17 March 2022, 10am NZDT (8am AEDT)
16 March 2022, 2pm PDT (5pm EDT)

The training will be delivered via Zoom, giving you the opportunity to participate in the discussion sessions and get your questions answered.

Registration is limited to 30 people.

NZ$72 (approx US$49 | AU$67 | CA$62) per person

Each person must register separately to receive training materials and a calendar invitation with the Zoom link

There won’t be any refunds issued and registrations can’t be transferred.
A recording will be available for a limited time.

You are strongly encouraged to show up live to the training. However, if something last minute comes up which prevents you from attending, a recording will be available for a limited time (7 days).

You can order your Full Focus Planner HERE.

You don’t need to purchase a Full Focus Planner to achieve results, although I would highly recommend it.


  • 90 minute live productivity training
  • A workbook with templates for you to get started
  • Q&A session

Life Changer

The Weekly Preview has been one of my favorite parts, as I am able to spend about an hour thinking about the next week on Saturday, freeing up my Sundays to be truly restful. I'm not stressing on my rest day about what's coming up next week, because it has already been scheduled in my planner. :)

Savannah W.


I’ve learned—the hard way—that multitasking is NOT a skill but rather a brick wall. I used to think that I could learn to focus. That’s not true. Focus is a process. And the Full Focus Planner is MY PROCESS to stay focused daily. It takes work, but you need the right tools. This planner is the RIGHT TOOL for me, and it has helped me crush nearly ALL of my goals.

Lou L.