Ep 3 - Hiring a Fractional Employee is a Win-Win

Scaling a business is not always as easy as it appears.

Kristen Westcott, Bizz strategist & ops expert, knows all about it. Yet, she’s running her business HER way... with success. Lucky for her, she has all the expertise to know exactly what to do.

I was curious, so I asked her all about it. And she was rather generous in sharing her knowledge and personal experience.


Maybe you are spending the bulk of your time answering staff questions? Or could it be that you reluctantly have to admit you’re the bottleneck in business growth? Does it make you sad you no longer have time to network and be creative?

If the answer is YES, Kristen is adamant she can help you create the time you’re so desperately craving.

You can read the full blog post for this episode here: Sandrajulian.co/podcast3

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